Design for Life: Homestead design & layout

In this 15 minute film on homestead design, Jacob encourages us to start at the beginning, and to consider the layout of our homesteads - thinking carefully about the resources we have and need, in order to optimise our productive potential with a more integrated design. Key aspects include human needs when thinking about water capture, soil management, nursery placement, livestock protection, as well as pollination, crops and shelter belts.


For Facilitators: Using the pause points embedded in the film, facilitators are encouraged to engage participants in discussions about what resources they have and how they might want to place them – and to let them do them do the talking and sharing. Resources to introduce include: high/low temperatures, the position of the sun, prevailing winds, available points for water catchment, and any threats (such as grazing livestock or thieves.

Facilitators’ notes: will provide discussion guidance on pause-points

Photostories: can be downloaded & photocopied as take-home materials with key points as memory prompts for more technical information.