Green Inheritance: Letter to my Grandchild

In this 17 minute film on plant and seed propagation, Tholina shares her lifelong knowledge and skills on how to set up an efficient nursery. She tells us about her techniques for seed selection, storage and propagation. And shows us some tricks on taking vegetative cuttings for vegetables, herbs and other hard wood species, as well as the different soil preparations and watering approaches to be considered – all using what we have available to us. 

For Facilitators: Using the pause points embedded in the film, facilitators are encouraged to engage participants in discussions about what resources they have and what they want to grow (for home and market). Let them do them do the talking and sharing. Points to introduce include: different seeds and their needs, techniques and natural additives for safe storage, recycled containers for planting, different mediums for propagation, etc.

Facilitators’ notes: will provide discussion guidance on pause-points

Photostories: can be downloaded & photocopied as take-home materials with key points as memory prompts for more technical information.