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Schools and education

Hard-pressed teachers are assisted to develop lesson plans around existing curricular subjects, enlivening learning in 'Living Classrooms'. These outdoor classrooms also provide essential food to supplement school feeding schemes - often the only food that these children will receive all day.

Teacher training at 'living classrooms' for curriculum delivery via cognitive skills development. Gardens also provide food for school lunches to aid concentration and learning. Surplus produce is sold to help finance other initiatives within the school.

At schools across Africa, children must attend school in full uniform - despite extreme hardship experienced by the majority of families. Placing a huge burden on families, many nonetheless see education as so important that uniforms will often take priority over food.

The nurture and support given to schools and their participants, sees 'living classrooms' grow into successful and fully integrated components of school life, providing a resource rooted in the heart of the community - which also provides food for vulnerable students. Training includes assisting the teachers to integrate garden activities into formal learning with the children. This approach is vital to enable hard-pressed teachers to enliven the process of learning - bringing fun and imagination to the education of Africa's youth.

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Living Classrooms Sustainable Schools Project (SEED)

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