Black Gold: Secrets of Compost 

In this 16 minute film on composting and natural fertility, Sibonikaliso encourages us to consider wasting nothing, and reinvesting our surplus to build soil structure and fertility. He takes us through simple steps for making thermal compost which will break down quickly and effectively. With his cheeky all-girl scout group, Sibo also introduces how to make liquid fertiliser with either comfrey or different types of manure for rapid nutrient uptake by plants. 

For Facilitators: Using the pause points embedded in the film, facilitators are encouraged to engage participants in discussions about what materials they have and places for compost making and use. Let them do them do the talking and sharing. Resources to introduce include: different nitrogen and carbon resources, different plant-based compost activators available in participants environment, and the strengths and dilutions required for different types of manure (also found in the facilitators notes).

Facilitators’ notes: will provide discussion guidance on pause-points

Photostories: can be downloaded & photocopied as take-home materials with key points as memory prompts for more technical information.