Our approach

GardenAfrica promotes the conservation of wild plants and the production of diverse crops for nutrition and food security.

  • We support food availability, access and utilisation by promoting diverse cultivation, processing and storage to achieve food and nutritional security.
  • Our focus links to the management of HIV through nutrition, childhood nutrition, and responsible medicinal plant-use.
  • We aim to support traditional healthcare practices where they are underpinned by scientific validation;
  • We promote the sustainable use of locally available resources, including research and adaptation to improve nutrition.
  • We support vulnerable people's efforts to use their resources more effectively and efficiently in order to build and sustain health.

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Our outcomes

Projects within our Health and Nutrition Programme seek the following outcomes:

  • The application of agro-biodiversity improves availability, access and utilisation of nutritious food, resulting in improved and sustained human health.
  • Communities and individuals have access to effective medicinal plants and information to build sustainable healthcare strategies.
  • The links between public and environmental health and nutrition are advocated to improve healthcare delivery & outcomes.

My family now eats everything from vegetables to herbs. My health has improved. I no longer go to hospital. I now have diversity in my home. No more hunger. I am very happy.
— Clementine Ntshakala