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Our Resources

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Living Classroom Film Series 

The Living Classroom is the result of GardenAfrica’s training programmes that have been successfully developed and implemented over the past ten years with sustainable agriculture & permaculture specialists.

Black Gold: the Secrets of Compost was filmed on location in Swaziland, and is the first in the Living Classroom series. It was built around GardenAfrica’s partnership project with Vusumnotfo and Guba, called ‘Food Security in a Changing Environment’. Having demonstrated the impact of these workshops, this series is the next step – exposing these techniques to a wider audience. Using course graduates as presenters and cast members, each film will be shot at a different location, with a different central character who acts as the presenter and storyteller. The series will present 11 key themes:

  1. Homestead Design & Planning
  2. Water Management & Use
  3. Soil Conservation
  4. Compost & Natural Fertiliser
  5. Bed Preparation & Tree Planting
  6. Seed & Plant Propagation
  7. Companion Planting
  8. Integrated Pest Management
  9. Small Livestock Integration
  10. Processing & Value Addition
  11. Growing Income

  12. Alongside supporting materials to aid facilitation, the series aims to provide much needed visual and textural support for N/GOs – to stimulate thinking, discussion and adaptation. In addition to this English language version, the series will be dubbed into a further 5 local languages for use by training organisations & institutions in Southern & East Africa.

    GardenAfrica leaflets (Pdfs)

    If you're planning a community garden, these guides will be very useful.

  13. Planning your garden
  14. Water management
  15. Soil management
  16. Compost
  17. Companions and pest management

The GardenAfrica Garden Plan

The GardenAfrica Garden Plan represents a typical GardenAfrica garden in Southern Africa. Combining nutritional information, permaculture principles and natural African farming techniques, it is readily transferable and taught on training courses run with communities at schools and clinics. Find out more about the GardenAfrica Garden Plan

For NGOs - A Protocol for the Establishment of Clinic Gardens

This resource is intended to guide fellow NGO/CBOs in the establishment of hospital and clinic gardens which promote links between health and nutrition amongst patients and health professionals. We hope that it proves useful, and would welcome feedback. Find out more here.

Partner book recommendation - Companion Planting by Jeannine Davidoff

There are 40 common garden plants in this companion planting book. Each plant is illustrated by a full color photograph with text explaining the companion plant, its properties, growing tips and uses. Find out more here.

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